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Your Clients, Your Business, Your Future

The demand for local marketing agencies has never been higher. Growing 15% annually and expected to hit $157 Billion by 2024, there has never been a better time to start your own marketing agency.

After decades of consolidation and acquisitions, local and regional businesses have said ‘enough’. They want to work with truly local marketing experts who have access to the type of deep data and advanced technology that can differentiate brands.

You are the solution. QL Group by SaaSQL is your team.

Whether as a QL Group employee or licensed agency owner, QL Group is helping talented marketers create change. 


Start a marketing agency

Enabling Marketing Professionals 

To Run Their Own Digital Agency

P O W E R E D  B Y  S A A S Q L

Access to world-class technology, data, and expert campaign execution shouldn’t be exclusive to Fortune 500 companies. QL Group is reshaping the local agency model by partnering with skilled professionals in communities everywhere. If you’re an experienced marketer with a strong network or an ambitious marketing graduate, watch the video below to discover how to start a marketing agency.

Something more is so much closer than you think

QL Group was established and designed with new markets in mind.

By leveraging our resources and SaaSQL’s Sales Enabled Marketing method, we efficiently build new agencies across the country, partnering with talented marketers who run them. Territories are available across the US. If you believe you’re the right fit to start a marketing agency, or want to learn more, request an interview, today

Start a marketing agency

Start a Marketing Agency 

With The QL Group Agency Roadmap

Launch a Marketing Agency

Develop & Build the Brand

First, define your agency’s brand and purpose. Markets? Industry specialty? Long term goals? This vision becomes the foundation upon which the agency will thrive. Next, we name the agency, develop the logo, build the website and establish a full online presence. Branded collateral for sales & marketing, including sell sheets, packages and presentation materials are built.

Technology, Solutions & Growth Roadmap

Next we help build your success roadmap. We provide training & development for the data, technology platforms and solutions that will differentiate your brand within the competitive landscape. Ultimately, we arm you with a concrete plan to build and launch a thriving marketing agency.

Agency Training Technology and Solutions
Lead Generation

Leads & Strategy

Agencies thrive through client acquisition & bringing unique value to prospects. QL Group helps with both. Each month you’ll receive sales training, actionable prospects within your territory & access to Sales Engineers to assist with strategy & proposal.

Start a Marketing Agency

With Support From Sales Engineers & Account Managers

World Class campaign execution and fulfillment is the foundation of SaaSQL. Through QL Group, we provide agencies with a robust team of skilled Sales Engineers, Media Buyers, Product Specialists and Campaign Managers to take client campaigns to the next level.


Fully Technology Enabled

In addition to the core A.I. optimization technology that enables the SaaSQL  method, all QL Group agencies are armed with a technology stack to drive growth and a world-class client experience.


Payment Processing


CRM System


Pipeline and Project Management


Professional Phone, SMS & Online Chat


Automated Calendaring System


Website Builder


Easy Drag & Drop Form Builder


Email Marketing Management


Marketing Automation Software




Sales Enabled Marketing

The technology and unique optimization method that built SaaSQL becomes the power behind your QL Group agency brand. The clients you serve are looking for true sales qualified leads & conversions. Your world class, fully managed solution set has been built to deliver.



The QL Group signature solution was developed to truly differentiate partner agencies. With Dynamic Cross Channel Marketing campaigns your A.I. Platform scales a single budget across channels simultaneously, optimized to achieve the highest quality, low cost leads. From Search to Social, Email to OTT, each campaign is optimized for your client’s ideal outcomes. Phone calls,  foot-traffic, e-commerce transactions, your campaigns will hit the targets others miss.

Dynamic Cross Channel Solutions

White Label Marketing Solutions



Leveraging data from thousands of PPC campaigns, comprehensive keyword research, bid strategies and quality score tactics are compounded by SQL-level optimization


Each social channel represents an opportunity to influence audiences in different ways. Social Media Marketing becomes an effective way to drive leads through deep audience data and A.I. Optimization.


We use a customized approach using technical SEO and content marketing techniques proven to outrank local competitors and drive high-converting organic traffic volumes.


Taking programmatic and publisher-specific campaigns to new heights through data clean rooms and Deep A.I. algorithms that allow for precise audience segmentation and unmatched measurability.


Connecting OTT / CTV and streaming Audio like Spotify to the rest of your campaign through one-to-one targeting of your Total Addressable Market creates one of the most impactful ways to drive brand and influence assisted conversions across other channels.


A true performance marketing channel, we work with you to develop strategies to maximize exposure and revenue generating partnerships across retail media, podcasts, influencers, brands more.

What People Are Saying

“After working for a traditional media company who struggled to execute effective digital campaigns, I was ready for a change. I’d built strong relationships throughout the years…I just needed the foundation to get started. The QL Group system provided me with everything I needed to launch and the ongoing support makes all the difference in the world.”


“This system is brilliant. Where was it 15 years ago when I launched my first agency? There were so many costly pitfalls that could have been avoided. Fortunately I made it, but a lot of entrepreneurs don’t.”

“As a side-gig, providing SEO had been supplementing my income for a few years. Meanwhile, my day job in tech was becoming pretty volatile. Many colleagues were losing their jobs and nothing felt stable. Securing my QL Group territory was the push I needed to become fully self-sustained.”


“For me it was having a unique value proposition to bring to my territory. The technology is top-notch and I can literally offer my clients anything that they need. Being able to lean on sales engineers for strategy or proposal generation is huge, too.”

“The support. Everything is about the support. Being an entrepreneur is a lonely business. With QL Group, I have a real team to lean on.”

“Literally everything is provided. Any anxiety I felt on day one was gone by day two because the process of launching my business was so seamless.”

“If somebody would have told me that I’d be able to fully launch an operational and scalable business within 45 days, I’d have said they were crazy.”


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