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Candidate Sourcing, Recruitment Marketing, Screening & Engagement- At Scale

Passive Candidate Sourcing & Scaled Personalization

A comprehensive candidate list is sourced and targeted outreach begins. Personalized messaging is delivered based on job title, location, sign-on bonuses and other incentives.

Real Time Candidate Screening & Ongoing Engagement

Systemize your recruiting process by screening candidates in real time. Verify the viability of each candidate, schedule initial interviews, answer questions and maintain engagement with your A.I. Recrtuiting Assistant.


Systemized Candidate Sourcing & Outreach in Action

Through competing businesses, career sites and professional social channels, candidates are sourced & launched into a systematic recruitment marketing outreach effort.

Seamless Recruitment Marketing From the Workplace to the Living Room

Once candidates are sourced, hyperlocal geotargeting and cross channel technology delivers personalized messaging at home, in the office and even during the commute.

Personalized Messaging Across Marketing Channels

Candidates attracted through personalized messaging across platforms – multiple channels telling your story, sending ideal candidates to a customized application page.

SMS / Text & Email Messaging

Direct Social Media Marketing

Streaming Audio & Video

Targeted Digital Display Ads


An Automated Candidate Screening Process

As candidates apply, ReadyRecruit’s A.I. platform screens applicants in real-time, matching and ranking candidates to the ideal hire.


ReadyRecruit’s A.I. technology becomes your expert recruiter, fully automating the resume screening process. Through a combination of keyword & contextual analysis, incoming applicants are screened, matching their knowledge and experience to the job description and your pre-defined characteristics of an ideal hire. A sophisticated scoring process moves the most high value candidates to the next stage of the recruiting process.  

Building a Steady Pipeline of Pre-Qualified Candidates

Reduce no-shows and interview for open roles faster. From skilled workers to executives- every position filled.

Referral Campaigns to build local business leads

Engage Candidates at Scale with Your A.I. Recruiting Assistant

Eliminate manual and time consuming recruiting processes and fill open roles faster. Live, A.I.-assisted conversations qualifies candidate interests, gains valuable additional insights and establishes next steps. The result? Fewer no-shows and more meaningful interviews.



Customized Plans For Every Industry and Budget

From manufacturing to healthcare, education to sales – large corporations to local SMBs, ReadyRecruit is built to support all recruitment marketing and hiring needs.

“We had one of the more complicated challenges in the recruitment marketing space: the need to find qualified healthcare candidates who were prepared to make a move. With 67 positions that needed to be filled, covering a variety of different titles, qualifications and geographies, we needed a solution that enabled us to identify the right candidates, reach them efficiently and convince them to apply.

Using ReadyRecruit we were able to identify almost 5,000 candidates working at more than 100 businesses across 3 counties. Within 60 days, 49 of our 67 positions were filled and we created a talent pool of nearly 700 candidates who opted in to ongoing communication.”

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