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Why are Fractional Marketing Executives becoming increasingly embraced by companies of all sizes? First, these roles are tough to recruit and costly to hire. As a result, they’re often filled by under-qualified candidates who lack the necessary level of experience & skill.

Especially valued are Fractional Marketing Executives who possess specialized expertise and connections to the vast networks & resources required to truly differentiate a brand. With our team, you’ll gain access to a world-class network of professionals, in addition to the unique data & technology that built the SaaSQL Sales Enabled Marketing method.


Inbound team trained to represent your product and sales motion


Plans available for all industries and organizational sizes


Why Choose a Fractional CMO?

The Core Value of Fractional Marketing Executives

In short, Fractional Marketing Executives provide a cost-effective, flexible, and results-oriented solution for organizations to improve their marketing efforts and achieve business goals. More specifically, some of the key benefits are:

Cost-effective: Offering a heightened level of expertise, at a fraction of the cost

Strategy & Execution: Expertise in data analysis, and strategy building to achieve measurable KPIs

Management & Leadership: Providing clear & compelling direction & support to ensure successful execution

Experienced Collaborators: Working cross-departmentally with all stakeholders to ensure alignment with business objectives

Budgeting & Forecasting: An understanding of the importance, and ability to deliver value at forecast & budget

Results: The ability to comprehensively measure campaign metrics, increasing results and decreasing costs

SaaSQL Sales Enabled Marketing Trained

While our Fractional Marketing Executives exploit the talents born from their vast experience consulting businesses within their industries of expertise, all are additionally trained to execute the SaaSQL Sales Enabled Marketing method.

A comprehensive process that links data analysis, technology and an innovative execution method, our Fractional Leaders bring this unique and systematic process to bear in delivering unmatched value to their business partners.


Roadmap for a Quick Start

We recognize the importance of fast organizational impact. Think of our structured onboarding and execution process as a roadmap that enables your new partner to quickly analyze the current state,  rapidly assimilate into the organization and develop a concrete strategic direction.

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