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Exclusively for local businesses – Engage with your website visitors. Collect more leads and convert more traffic to paying customers.

SaaSQL’s Free Website Chatbot teaches ChatGPT’s powerful language model all about your brand so that automated conversations become meaningful customer interactions.


Free Website Chatbot

SaaSQL’s Smart Website Assistant Works Everywhere

SaaSQL’s Free Website Chatbot code snippet can be inserted wherever your customers are. With integration into all powerful website and automation platforms, your A.I. Chat assistant will be there to make your marketing more conversational.

Designed to Convert Browsers to Buyers

Focused on collecting emails? Do you survey your customers? Do you want to generate bookings? Your online chatbot can be trained to complete any task.

Website Chatbot: No Coding Required

Once you request access, you’ll be given a simple form to fill out, which will be used to teach your ChatBot. Within 24 hours you’ll receive easy instructions to add your new bot to your site.

Website Chatbot Works Everywhere

SaaSQL’s Free Website Chatbot

Making Marketing Conversational

Through a simple questionnaire, your A.I. Chatbot is trained to understand your brand, your customers and the key outcomes your business is trying to achieve. And, as your chatbot is deployed, it continues to learn from every customer interaction, becoming increasingly capable and efficient at converting browsers to buyers.

100% FREE!

Wondering why? Read our FAQ Section below.


SaaSQL’s Free Website Chatbot is currently in beta. If you’d like to request access, click the button below and begin the intake process. Once approved, your bot will be ready within 24 hours. 




Sales Enabled Marketing

Whether you’re focused on building a brand, scaling into a new market, acquiring funding or preparing for an IPO, SaaSQL bridges the gap between Sales, Marketing and Revenue Operations to hit the targets that others miss. Join the hundreds of businesses who have seen how Sales Enabled Marketing unites the power of technology and methodology.  


Common Questions

Is it Really Free? If so, why?

Yes! The SaaSQL Free Website Chatbot is 100% Free. SaaSQL is a marketing agency that provides comprehensive marketing strategy for our clients. We are known for using advanced data and technology to help our clients decrease their cost of marketing and achieve their growth goals. Offering a our Website Chatbot for free makes more people aware of us and increases our ability to be of service to local businesses. 

Do I have to download any software?

No, the SaaSQL Free Website Chatbot is 100% cloud-based. Nothing to download. Just a simple snippet of code to add to your site. No knowledge of coding required, either.

Do I have to pay for integration with my email or phone?

No, you do not have to pay for integrations. Detailed instructions are provided, helping to guide you in your setup. 

Do you provide support and ongoing software updates?

YES! Updates and new features are constantly being adding updates to the SaaSQL’s Free Website Chatbot. Nothing you need to do: as the platform evolves, updates will automatically be applied. 


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