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The cornerstone idea of every marketing effort: build a strong online presence and the leads will flow. Unfortunately, it doesn’t usually work that way. SaaSQL Automations & CRM provides you with all of the tools you need to create lead generation systems that will support your marketing efforts. All 100% free.


With 10 interconnected services all in one platform, the Free SaaSQL Marketing Automation Platform enables  your business to:

Systematically Capture Website Leads

Through Forms, Chat, Calendar and Phone Widgets

Automate Marketing & Scale Your Business

Through Marketing and Sales Automations, CRM, Pipeline Tools and Invoicing

SaaSQL Automations Overview

100% FREE!

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Marketing Automation is a critical element to any successful business

Without marketing automation and lead nurturing, you’re hoping that enough website traffic converts to secure a positive return on your marketing investment. Or, you’re hoping your team has the time and skill needed to nurture every possible lead. Automation turns hope into a strategy.

What does the saasql free marketing automation platform do?

The 10 (Typically) Paid Services that SaaSQL Replaces 

SaasQL Automated Lead Funnels

SaaSQL: Your Lead Funnels

You’re doing a lot of manual work if you’re not automating your sales outreach, marketing and lead nurturing. Through SaaSQL Automated Lead Funnels:


•Easy drag-and-drop funnel builder automates your marketing with custom logic and steps to convert interested consumers into active buyers.

•Maximize engagement and create a steady flow of leads into your sales pipeline with personalized contacts triggered by user behavior

•Automate more of your day-to-day business communications to free up valuable time.

SaaSQL: Your Automated Calendar

Automatically books leads and prospects to your calendar without lifting a finger. With calendars through the SaaSQL Free Marketing Automation Platform:

•Simplify appointment scheduling, eliminating tedious messaging to arrange meeting times.

•Build calendar forms for your website or email to let leads schedule meetings or demos, collect payments, team calendars, lead routing, and more.

•Customize logos, colors, booking reminders, and trigger automations based on user behavior.

SaaSQL Automated Calendar Builder
SaaSQL Form Builder

SaaSQL: Your Form Builder

The SaaSQL Form Builder powers numerous key business functions. Easily drag & drop to create sales forms, lead capture forms, surveys, signature forms, and more.


•Use form answers from clients and prospects to trigger powerful custom automation sequences

•Fully customize your forms and embed them on any website or landing page.

SaaSQL: Your Email Marketing

Email Marketing is at the core of any powerful automation strategy. Send personalized messages to existing customers, or use data to nurture leads. With SaaSQL Email Marketing provides:


•Beautifully designed, professional emails using one of the dozens of built-in templates.

•Easily build your email newsletters, auto-responders, product launch announcements, and much more.

•World class email deliverability so emails actually make it to your customers’ inbox.

SaaSQL Email Marketing
SaaSQL SMS Marketing

SaaSQL: Your SMS Marketing

Automated SMS tactics have quickly become one of the most impactful ways to nurture leads and drive repeat customers. SaaSQL SMS Marketing enables you to:


•Build and deploy automated, personalized SMS for marketing, notifications, sales announcements, and more.

•Buil and split test SMS automations based on customer behavior

•Nurture inbound leads, adding additional frequency and touchpoints to improve conversion rates.

SaaSQL: Your Phone System

For those in need of a professional call tracking system, SaaSQL delivers. It doesn’t just ensure that you provide timely responses to inquiries, it’s also feeds data to all of your marketing efforts.


•Create interactive phone menus that improve experience and reinforce your brand.

•Automate text backs when calls are missed to maximize conversion rates.

•Trigger automations based on incoming calls to nurture leads and customers.

SaaSQL Phone System
SaaSQL Unified Chat

SaaSQL: Unified Chat Experiences

Engage with customers and leads by communicating across numerous channels. Websites, Facebook Messenger, Twitter, to name a few; all accessible from a single dashboard.


•Improve relationships and conversion rates through with a single chat system that removes the need for multiple logins

•Use website chat widgets to collect more leads from your website or landing page.

•Enable chat experiences and customer interactions to feed automated personalized marketing.



SaaSQL Sales Pipeline and Project Management Pipeline

SaaSQL: Your Sales & Project Pipelines

Feeding your leads into an organized sales pipeline ensures that every opportunity achieves its full potential. With SaaSQL Sales & Project Management pipelines:

•Easily close sales in your pipelines with click-to-call, email, and SMS

•Plan and track activities tied to every lead and project as they progress through the stages of your pipeline.

•Use automation, click-to-call, email, and SMS to guide your leads and projects, easily moving them to the next stage.

SaaSQL: Your CRM

Having a Customer Relationship Manager (CRM) helps deepen customer relationships while increasing repeat buyers and average lifetime value.


•Plan & execute all forms of customer interaction to ensure nothing is missed.

•Segment your leads and customers based on the buying cycle, tracking and measuring data along the way.

•Increase productivity with click-to-call, email and SMS solutions.



SaaSQL Website & Landing Page Builder

SaaSQL: YOUR Landing Page Builder

With a robust template library, easily build landing pages, or an entire website with simple drag, drop and click creation.

•Website templates have been built for speed, ensuring better SEO, conversion rates and sales.

•Access to over 100 pre-built website blocks to easily create and publish your landing page.

•Seamlessly integrate your other SaaSQL Automation features, creating world-class sales funnels.


Common Questions

Is it Really Free? If so, why?

Yes! The SaaSQL Free Marketing Automation Platform is 100% Free. SaaSQL is a marketing agency that provides comprehensive marketing strategy for our clients. We are known for our Sales Enabled Marketing method, which uses advanced data and technology to help our clients decrease their cost of marketing and achieve their growth goals. Offering a our automation platform for free makes more people aware of us and increases our ability to be of service to local businesses. 

Do I have to download any software?

No, the SaaSQL Free Marketing Automation Platform is 100% cloud-based. Nothing to download. 

Do I have to pay for integration with my email or phone?

No, you do not have to pay for integrations. Detailed instructions are provided, helping to guide you in your setup. 

Will Calendar Bookings Integrate with my calendar?

Yes, as part of the setup process you will integrate your bookings calendar with your professional calendaring system. Additional integrations can be setup through Zapier

Do you provide support and ongoing software updates?

YES! Updates and new features are constantly being adding updates to the Free SaaSQL Marketing Automation Platform. You’ll be prompted at login to accept updates. There is a database of support documentation and videos to get you started, and offer support as you use the platform. 




Sales Enabled Marketing

Whether you’re focused on building a brand, scaling into a new market, acquiring funding or preparing for an IPO, SaaSQL bridges the gap between Sales, Marketing and Revenue Operations to hit the targets that others miss. Join the hundreds of businesses who have seen how Sales Enabled Marketing unites the power of technology and methodology.  


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