Establish Your 4th Quarter Marketing Plans, Now

by | Aug 27, 2023 | Marketing

The fourth quarter remains one of the most important quarters of the year for Small Businesses and mid-market companies to achieve profitability. As consumer spending begins earlier each year, it’s critical that companies establish their 4th Quarter Marketing Plans, now.

According to a survey by the National Federation of Independent Business, more than one-third of small businesses report that the fourth quarter is their most profitable time of the year.

While the importance of the fourth quarter has changed over the years with more and more consumers shopping online, it remains a critical timeframe for businesses of all sizes throughout the country.

In fact, in many ways the importance has only increased, as 4th quarter shopping begins earlier and earlier each year.  A time of year in which consumers are more likely to spend money on gifts, there are numerous other industries that see a significant spike in sales and profitability.

The Top 20 Industries that see a spike in sales during the 4th quarter:

Rank Industry Percentage increase Additional details
1 Retail 30% The retail industry includes stores that sell a variety of goods, such as clothing, electronics, and home goods. During the holiday season, retailers offer discounts and promotions to attract shoppers.
2 Travel and tourism 25% The travel and tourism industry includes businesses that provide travel-related services, such as airlines, hotels, and car rental companies. During the holiday season, people travel to visit family and friends, go on vacation, or attend sporting events or concerts.
3 Food and beverage 20% The food and beverage industry includes restaurants, bars, and grocery stores. During the holiday season, people eat out more often and buy more food and drinks for parties and gatherings.
4 Entertainment 15% The entertainment industry includes businesses that provide entertainment services, such as movie theaters, concert venues, and amusement parks. During the holiday season, people go to see movies, plays, and concerts more often.
5 Gifts and flowers 10% The gifts and flowers industry includes businesses that sell gifts and flowers. During the holiday season, people buy more gifts and flowers for their loved ones.
6 Online shopping 10% Online shopping has become increasingly popular in recent years, and the holiday season is no exception. People often shop online for convenience and to find better deals.
7 Clothing 9% Clothing is a popular gift item during the holiday season, and people also tend to buy new clothes for themselves.
8 Toys and games 8% Toys and games are another popular gift item, especially for children.
9 Home goods 8% Home goods, such as furniture and décor, are also popular during the holiday season. People often buy new home goods to spruce up their homes for the holidays.
10 Electronics 7% Electronics, such as TVs, computers, and smartphones, are also popular holiday gifts.
11 Jewelry 7% Jewelry is a classic gift item that is always appreciated.
12 Books and magazines 6% Books and magazines are popular gifts for people of all ages.
13 Sporting goods 6% Sporting goods are popular gifts for people who enjoy sports and activities.
14 Flowers and plants 5% Flowers and plants are a beautiful way to decorate for the holidays and to show someone you care.
15 Music 5% Music is a popular gift for people of all ages.
16 Gift cards 5% Gift cards are a popular way to give someone the gift of choice.
17 Video games 4% Video games are a popular gift for children and adults alike.
18 Event tickets 4% Event tickets, such as concert tickets and sporting event tickets, are popular gifts for people who enjoy attending events.
19 Home improvement 4% Home improvement items, such as tools and appliances, are popular gifts for people who are looking to improve their homes.
20 Restaurants 4% Restaurants are a popular place to go for holiday meals and celebrations.
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