The Ultimate Google Business Profile Optimization Guide: A Marketing Cheat Code for Local Businesses

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For local businesses trying to get a competitive edge, it can feel like the goal posts are constantly moving. The companies who win tend to have a combination of large budgets, powerful technology, and cutting-edge marketing methods that few local businesses can compete with.

With that in mind, a focus on Google Business Profile Optimization remains the key Marketing Cheat Code for local businesses who want to gain an inside track. Considering that Google Business Profiles enable local businesses to capitalize on their key advantage (their actual physical location) the lack of interest in fully using them as a marketing tool is, well…perplexing.

A recent study found that only 38% of businesses use all of the features enabled in their Google Business Profile, even as these features can have a dramatic impact on local ranking. Considering that up to 70% of all consumer searches result in Google Business Profile clicks, this is an insane lack of engagement. With that in mind, the following are some of the most impactful ways to inject your Google Business Profile with life, improve rank and get new customers contacting you.


Making Google Business Profile Optimization a Marketing Cheat Code



From The Business

Specifically, let’s talk about the features that few businesses use. This section assumes that you’ve filled out the “From the Business” section, along with the service areas, services, hours, etc. All of the common stuff.

Services are Fine, Products are Better

Among the less common features, the first to focus on is products. For all the attention Services get, Products provide WAY more visibility and relevance to ranking. A quick message to all of the “Service Businesses” out there: when it comes to Google Business Profiles, your service lines ARE products. Start with 1-3 categories and add each individual product offered under them. Do not feel tempted to “keyword stuff”. That doesn’t help. Just list your products, with strong, relevant descriptions. Then, customize a graphic for each and be rewarded with better keyword optimization, while adding 400 more pixels to your profile.

Social Media Integration

Next, one of the newest Google Business Profile features: complete Social Media Integration. Before you yawn, thinking “nobody visits my Google Business Profile to find my Facebook page”, let’s think differently. Optimizing your Google Business profile is about showing Google that your profile represents the search (content, keywords, etc) AND provides the best user experience. With that in mind, be the one who embraces every opportunity to get the edge. Just as Social Signals play a pivotal role in optimizing your website, the same potential exists for social signals to provide a ranking boost to your Google Business Profile.



Geo-Tagging Photos

Let’s start with one of the most innovative tactics that nearly nobody else is doing. Geo Tag photos and upload them to your profile every week. Here’s how you do it.

•First, visit to get the geographic coordinates in which you’d like to rank. This could be your business location, or a specific town. Once you enter the address, you’ll be able to copy the latitude and longitude coordinates of that location.

•Next visit and upload the photo you’d like to tag. Then simply follow the instructions: paste the coordinates, input the keywords for which you’d like to rank, download the tagged version of your photo and upload it to your Google Business Profile.

Add Videos Each Week

Google owns YouTube, so it’s no secret that they place an emphasis on video. What’s more, adding video content to your Google Business Profile doesn’t have to be terribly complicated.  Just simple, vertical videos of your store, project, employees, or worksite, filmed with your phone will do. Just be sure to upload at least one each week. We’ve tested this intensively over the last year and can clearly measure the results. This is the definition of a no-cost Marketing Cheat Code.

Google Business Profile Updates – Daily if You Can

One of the most underutilized features in Google Business Profile Optimization is also one of your greatest opportunities to differentiate your brand. With the ability to add photos, up to 1,500 words of keyword-rich content, along with a call-to-action button, Updates can be game changing. In addition to providing you with a platform to get your most important content in on the Search Engine Results Page, you gain valuable real estate on your Google Business Profile.

Automated Review Requests

Finally, focus on increasing your reviews to turbo charge Google Business Profile optimization. I know everybody wants to do that, but it may be much easier than you think. All you need is an email address or phone number from your customer. From there, let marketing automation take over. Use your software to create a rule that automatically sends a review request with every new transaction. When you do, ask them to include the name of the product they bought from you, and their town name in the review. You’ll be shocked at the power this has in improving your rank. If you don’t have marketing automation software, SaaSQL’s Local Lead Magnet platform is a great choice. Inexpensive and powerful.

The Marketing Cheat Code

When you focus on Google Business Profile Optimization this way, you’re not just executing tactics that Google demonstrably cares about. Your competitive advantage comes from the fact that most of your competition won’t do the same. When it comes to gaining an edge, improving rank and driving new local business leads, doing the things others won’t is the definition of a marketing cheat code.

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