Marketing Professionals

Preparing For Your Interview

Thanks for looking into QL Group by SaaSQL. If you are reading this page, then you have been invited to schedule an interview for one of our open territories.

For more than ten years, the SaaSQL Marketing method and technology stack has helped local businesses thrive. By placing an emphasis on client results and transparency, rather than hidden fees and “scale”, we’ve been able to represent a fresh approach for our clients. 

Through QL Group, we are bringing that perspective to territories across the country with the launch of regional agency brands. Run by talented local marketers and powered by SaaSQL, our hiring efforts are focused on aligning with candidates who have a strong marketing mindset, combined with an entrepreneurial spirit. As we expand into new territories, we offer both employee positions, and Licensed Agency owner positions.  Prior to scheduling your interview, download the FAQ doc for more insights.

The First Step In the Interview Process

First and foremost, we created the QL Group system to support local & regional businesses. Meanwhile, by building these new agency brands around local marketing professionals, we’re also helping to support the communities they serve.  

The first step in the interview process will provide a more comprehensive overview of the the position, while giving us an opportunity to learn more about you. From there, things move forward to the next step if there’s a mutual fit. 

Please choose a day / time in the scheduling form, and indicate if you are interested in the Employee Position, or the Licensed Owner Position. If you are unsure, please refer to the FAQ document, which you can download above. 

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